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I’d been meaning to write a post on this topic for awhile and while allowing myself to be distracted doing something else I came across this post from a houston real estate broker named Erion Shehaj. Erion does a great job of elucidating on some of the reasons why it is much safer for [...]

I wrote an article on the 10 most important steps people can take when developing potential business relationships made over the internet. Essentially how to use the internet to help you conduct Due Diligence. Some of its common sense, some of its experience from being burnt myself. Hopefully you’ll read the entire [...]

1 Clones take on Rush Limbaugh in the NFL

October 15, 2009

On my way to work this morning I was in the Jungle (Jim Rome am 570 KLAC) listening to a bunch of red state clones complain about Rush Limbaughs treatment from the National Football League….
Bottom line: if the league saw Rush Limbaugh as someone who was going to increase revenues at the end of [...]

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The Short Sale Circle of Life

October 15, 2009

I am the type of person that lives in the day.  I deal with the cards that I’m dealt.  When life gives me lemons, I open up lemonade stands and crush historical industry sales records for citrus flavored beverage sales.
From a Real Estate & Economy perspective, we are in the market we are in in [...]

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Here I am, made it…

September 22, 2009

Big shout to my boy Shane Pollack (Cary NC Real Estate) for inspiring me to setup a 2nd website. I really like the idea and am looking forward to learning about wordpress and the best themes and plugins to optimize the SEO impact of this second site for IET Real Estate.


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