1 Clones take on Rush Limbaugh in the NFL

October 15, 2009

On my way to work this morning I was in the Jungle (Jim Rome am 570 KLAC) listening to a bunch of red state clones complain about Rush Limbaughs treatment from the National Football League….


Red State clones crying like a baby!!!

Red State clones crying like a baby!!!

Bottom line: if the league saw Rush Limbaugh as someone who was going to increase revenues at the end of the day he would have been let in. Comparing him to Michael Vick means you don’t get it. Michael Vick was one of the most popular players in the league before his legal issues started. Vick was let back in for business reasons. The commissioner and owners around the league felt Vick would drum up positive interest and stir up ticket sales. Yes Rush Limbaugh probably has more followers than Michael Vick, but just because they like Rush Limbaugh, his radio show and political views doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to shell out $150 for a ticket on sunday. Fans go to games to see players not owners. Owners are already seen as the money grubbing business side of sports that most people don’t like. Sports are enjoyed by many adult Americans, because they are a positive mental release. Being able to watch a game and forget about the economy, work issues, unemployment levels, religious clashes, Wall Street CEO compensation packages, unemployment levels, the War in Iraq and the sagging values in your retirement plan is partially what people pay for. Sports are meant to be fun, going to games should be enjoyable entertainment not a time to get all riled up about whatever the topic a polarizing figure like Rush Limbauh discussed on his radio show the day before.

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